Sto Werkstatt

Your London based resource of facade materials, knowledge and inspiration that bridges geographical location and environmental demands

At the heart of what we do here at Sto Werkstatt—meaning workshop in German—is an exploration into the materiality of architecture.

Our materials resource library, exhibitions, events, CPD’s and consultations each function as platforms for us to work closely with architects, designers and applicators on a range of projects from concept driven gallery installations to full scale architecture. This collaboration extends globally to the 85 countries where Sto is present and provides an essential insight into not only local standards and codes, but construction cultures and constraints.

Sto Werkstatt is the first of its kind within the Sto Group, and since establishing our programme in 2013, we have had the honour of working with many talented architects, designers and applicators from across the world. With each new commission, consultation or question, we learn new potentials for our materials, and for that we thank our collaborators of past, present and future.

Sto Werkstatt is currently closed to visitors.
Our new facility and samples resource will open in London in January 2018.

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